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Услуги детектива в Одессе private detective

Детективное агентство Private detective имеет широкий спектр предоставляемых услуг. Вы можете ознакомится с ними как на сайте агентства, так и по контактным телефонам. +38 (093) 245-85-93 +38 (099) 330-05-60 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)


Фиксируем всё, что видим! Запоминаем всё, что слышим!

Сбор информации

Оперативно собираем информацию в согласованные сроки!

Поиск пропавших без вести

Проверка образа жизни детей

Индивидуальный подход к каждому ребёнку.

Генеалогическое древо

Поможем Вам узнать историю Ваших предков!

Поиск мошенников в интернете

Установим, где находится мошенник!

Private detective Odessa

Частный Детектив Одесса

Private detective Odessa

Recently, we often hear the word “detective” in the media, social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. Many watched serials with detectives, read detective novels. Who are they really, private detectives of Odessa?

Private detectives in Odessa are ordinary people, former law enforcement officers, professionals in their field, a little magicians, as sometimes they perform assigned tasks in such a way that clients ask questions: “How did you manage it? ”,“ How did you do it? “,” Finding information in such a tight time frame is impossible ?! ” Believe me, in a private detective agency Odessa everything or almost everything is possible.

Сбор информации Одесса

Information collection Odessa
Our task is to help people, come to the rescue, solve their problematic issues, even simple communication or free consultation provided by our private detectives in Odessa does a lot for people. Sometimes people are in stressful and emotional states, ready for negative actions in despair to take revenge on a loved one for treason or betrayal, but to what extent are these arguments confirmed? Private detectives in Odessa will be able to confirm or deny the fact of adultery. Love is present everywhere: the relationship between a man and a woman, love for children, loved ones, friends, love for the environment, animals, etc. Because of love or its absence, many different problems occur, negative situations are created, marriages break up, as a result, children suffer, you can list for a very long time. The bottom line is that society is based on love. But in most cases, because of endless far-fetched suspicions, irreparable happens, people can disperse. In order not to torment yourself with constant suspicion and jealousy, contact a private detective Odessa and sleep peacefully, and the professionals will do their job.

Супружеская измена Одесса

Adultery Odessa
The Odessa detective agency conducts serious investigations that can drag on for months, such as: searching for missing persons, compiling a family tree, etc. Searching for missing persons is a very scrupulous investigation, it is necessary to take into account every little thing and detail, to act promptly, since every minute is important if a person has disappeared recently, because human life is priceless. Very often people turn to us with a request to find people who were considered dead, and at the end of the investigation it turned out that they are alive and well. Employees of the Odessa detective agency treat such situations with trepidation, and there is no limit to the gratitude of customers, since many have returned the desire and hope to live on and enjoy the moments with the found relative. Such minutes are difficult to describe in words, everyone is overwhelmed with feelings.

Частные раследования

Private investigations
History is very mysterious and enigmatic, full of various events: peoples, wars, peace, development and prosperity of the state, culture, traditions … It is very noble to know history of its own kind. At this time, the service “compiling a family tree” in a private detective in Odessa is gaining popularity. Many people want to know the history of their family, their origins, maybe someone is a descendant of great commanders or titled nobility? When you touch books that are more than 100-200 years old, you are instantly transported to that era and experience what is written in these books, you experience the feelings that our ancestors experienced. The service “compiling a family tree” is not cheap and takes at least 2 months of work for the employees of the detective agency in Odessa. You can pass on your family tree to your children – an important gift and a special family tradition. Trust your past to private detectives in Odessa, and you will leave your mark in the future!

Генеалогическое древо

Genealogical tree
The detective agency Odessa provides its services not only to individuals, but also to legal entities. Recently, more and more often, various companies have turned to the detective agency with requests to find debtors, scammers, check contractors before signing a contract, check unscrupulous and dishonest employees on a polygraph – a lie detector. Our polygraph examiner can go to the company with the equipment and talk to the management on the spot in order to ask the necessary questions and check the suspected employees of the company in theft of funds or information. Also, a private detective Odessa can provide a subscription to service legal entities.

Детективное агентство Одесса

Do not be afraid to entrust your delicate problem situations to a private detective Odessa today, because tomorrow you will see positive results and your life will change! The main thing is to hire a private detective and call the contact numbers or go to the website of the detective agency, everything else will be done by the professional staff of the detective agency Odessa!